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Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.
It is our belief that individuals should be armed to protect themselves within our Constitutional Rights.
The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Nevada CCW Permit

For a CA resident, the state of Nevada now requires that this NV CCW permit course must be physically held and attended within the state of Nevada (with no exceptions).

To obtain your Nevada Concealed Weapons Permit, contact Armed and Safe for quality CCW training.  I have personally attended a NV CCW course with Allen and Kelly, and I will always highly recommend their very affordable (8 hour required) State of Nevada Concealed Weapons Permit training. 

From Northern CA, this is a simple drive to the classroom, and offered year round.  Located within the surrounding areas of Sparks and Reno, Nevada.  Allen and Kelly offer NV CCW courses 7 days a week, just like Best Handgun Training. These Nevada Instructors are NRA certified, in many disciplines of the National Rifle Association, as well as the 34 state gun permit, and the Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) training certifications and qualifications for other states.  

Issuance of a Nevada Concealed Weapons Permits is regulated by Nevada Revised Statute 202.  The process includes a criminal history check, submitting fingerprints to the State of  Nevada and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and verification of successful completion of a course in firearm safety. 

For an initial NV CCW Permit, the fee to be presented to the Washoe County Sheriffs Office is $97.25, and is non refundable. You will have your fingerprints (Live Scan) and photograph taken upon submitting your application in person (at the Sheriff's Department).  Do NOT take any weapon to the Sheriff's Department, at  any time during your application process.  Your weapon is NOT allowed on the Law Enforcement premises, during, or throughout your interview process. 

Upon applying for your Non-Resident NV CCW Permit, you may expect a general processing time of about 30-60 days, but keep in mind that this may take up to about 60 days, and can take as long as 120 days.  Please be patient, before contacting your Instructor or the Sheriff's Department, to inquire on the status of your NV CCW application process. 

To contact Armed and Safe directly, call (775) 560 - 2741 .



Utah CCW Permits, Nevada and Florida CCW Permits DO NOT allow you to carry a concealed firearm within the State of California. Utah CCW Permits, Nevada and Florida CCW Permits are issued for "Personal Protection". Reciprocity and Recognition of Permits from State to State is a complex issue, we cannot and will not give legal advice. If you need accurate answers to specific legal questions, contact the State Issuing Authority or consult an Attorney who is licensed within the State in question. This is not an NRA approved course.




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